Poem To A Horse

Poem To A Horse
Made by Isa M.

Friday, 3 October 2008

:) Uncyclopedia.

The so very funny - idiotic version of Wikipedia- Uncyclopedia- the content-free encyclopedia that anyone can edit!!! :))))
Discovered through Marius.

I amused myself searching some stuff about Romania -our beautiful beautiful Heimat- on Uncyclopedia. And, boy, I laughed and laughed and than laughed some more! :D

Here it is ( though you may check it yourself, if it pleases you! ) :

The Romanians teach their little cute kids that their ancients, some brave people, established ~2500 years ago a country called 'Dacia' (now, Dacia is just a no-name car brand, made mainly by Renault - the lady cars company). Well, at that time, Dacia was also a brand too, (their country's brand) and this people (called 'daci' by the romans) loved the brand so badly, that they dared to fight romans when those wanted to attach Dacia to the Roman Empire, thus Dacia brand disappearing and letting others think that 'Roman' whas a more famous brand. So, as I was telling you, they did fight, and they kept doing it until the real brand won (surprise): the romans! BUT our story goes on. The brand 'Dacia' survived (and we conclude that the war had no reason), but the difference was that the romans mixed up with the 'daci', and so, later, over centuries, when the Roman Empire died, a new brand had risen: 'Romania'. Isn't that lovely? I can't imagine how that comes, that those ancient daci accepted this rebranding process.


Unknown said...

So it's all about the power of the brand after all, eh? :P

Anonymous said...

prea tare:))