Poem To A Horse

Poem To A Horse
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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

My Coats Of Arms. Florence 2008. Part I

August 2008.

For 4 days we tasted the exquisite Florence, with its narrow streets, crowded "piazza-s" and Renaissance splendours.
And I was not alone. :)
Florence, the old matron, welcomed us with open arms and long queues. But we took our time. And absorbed as much as we could from its wonders.

Here is a concise list of what we touched:

*Piazza del Duomo;
*Duomo S. Maria del Fiore; Battistero; Campanile di Giotto;
*Piazza della Signoria;
*Palazzo Vecchio;
*Galleria degli Uffizi;
*Ponte Vecchio;
*Palazzo Pitti;
*Galleria d'Arte Moderna;
*Museo degli Argenti;
*Museo delle Porcellane;
*Giardino di Boboli;
*Piazza S. Maria Novella;
*Chiesa S. Maria Novella;
*Piazza San Marco;
*Chiesa San Marco;
*Piazza SS. Annunziata;
*Spedale degli Innocenti;
*Chiesa SS. Annunziata;
*Museo Nazionale ( Bargello);
*Castello Bargello;
*Piazza S. Croce;
*Chiesa S. Croce;
*Ponte alle Grazie;
*Piazzale Michelangelo;
*S. Miniato al Monte;
*Tempio Israelitico;
*Chiesa S. Lorenzo;
*Chiesa Orsanmichele;
*Cappelle Medicee;
*Palazzo Medici-Ricardi;
*Fortrezza di Basso.
And I almost forgot to mention McDonald's..:)) (the cheapest place to eat in all Florence..:)) I wonder why..:P )

1 comment:

Unknown said...

You are never alone! :*
And there were so many sites in 4 days that only the muscles in our feet can recall.

I just hope that it will come a time for the places left unseen in Florence... and that the legend of the Cinghiale is true! ;-)