Poem To A Horse

Poem To A Horse
Made by Isa M.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

a portraitist...

I found about this brilliant photographer from Ligia..I was surprised by both the sensibility of his art and the beauty of his models.The way i see it,through his portraits Monzani succeeds to expose the pure beauty of feminity.

Jean-S├ębastien Monzani is a Swiss and French self-taught freelance photographer and graphic-designer born in 1975 who is specialized in portrait photography. Elegance, simplicity, a strong sense of composition and emotions are key elements in his work. His images are often constructed as photo-series - something between fashion photography and movie storyboards. Since he often tries to convey an atmosphere in his photos, he mainly shoots on-location, almost exclusively in Lausanne (Switzerland) where he lives.*

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